Junk yards in Newark NJ

Junk yards in Newark NJ

Junk yards in Newark NJ are excellent for finding great deals on used auto parts. A lot of people utilize junk yards while trying to fix their vehicles. Going to your local junk yards in Newark will help support local business, as well as save you a lot of money on your auto parts.

Listings of Junk yards in Newark NJ

Lacey Used Auto Parts
305 Wilson Ave
Newark, NJ 07105
973- 465-7553

Discount Auto Wreckers
527 Avenue P
Newark, NJ 07105
973- 344-4030

South Street Auto Salvage
320 South St
Newark, NJ 07114
973- 344-2083

Specialized Care
152 Isabella Ave
Newark, NJ 07106
973- 371-2755

Doremus Motors
127 Doremus Ave
Newark, NJ 07105
973- 344-7747

International Used Auto Parts
449 Avenue P
Newark, NJ 07105
973- 344-8929

Giant Auto Recycling
557 Wilson Ave
Newark, NJ 07105

If you live in Newark NJ then you definitely want to call around to a lot of the junk yards in Newark NJ. Some of them may have better parts, or parts that are in top-notch condition. Junk yards in Newark NJ offer parts for a lot less than auto parts department stores. Also some of the mechanics in Newark junk yards will perform labor at a discounted rate when you purchase parts from their junk yard.

junk yards in Newark NJ

Junk Yards in Newark NJ

Junk yards in Newark NJ are also salvage yards. Junk and salvage yards go hand in hand, some junk yards in Newark NJ are also motorcycle junk yards. Depending on what type of part you’re looking for it’s a lot smarter to search the local junk yards for a good deal on parts. If you’re looking to junk your car there are a lot of junk yards in Newark NJ that will pick up your car, or give you cash upon delivery. Salvage yards in Newark NJ will accept your junk auto for cash. Some of the salvage yards in Newark only accept scrap metal, where some of them will also pay cash for your used auto depending on how much it weighs.

Contacting Junk yards in Newark NJ

When you contact junk yards in Newark NJ make sure that you know what parts you’re looking for. A lot of these junk yards will be able to tell you if they have the parts, how much the parts cost, and how old or (what condition) the part is in. Some junk yards in Newark NJ will charge a fee to pull the parts. So if you’re good at working on autos, then you may want to look for pick and pull junk yards in Newark. Pull and save, Pick and pull, or u-pull it junk yards are junkyards where you can find your own parts, pick the parts that you want and pull them yourself. They usually offer a discounted rate when you pick and pull your own parts. Don’t worry if you can’t find your parts at the first junk yard, there are plenty of junk yards in Newark NJ.


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  1. Salvage Direct Junk Yard in utah says:

    I will right away clutch your rss as I can’t in finding your e-mail subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly allow me realize so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  2. Errol Patton says:

    Junk dealers sell scraps from cars and other autos at a cheap discounted price. If you’re restoring your car and need a bunch of spare parts, from engines to side mirrors, head to a junk yard to find what you need. Also called scrap yards, junk yards feature salvaged parts from wrecked cars and trucks. Junk dealers own the junk yards and can direct people where to find what they need. Usually, junk yards are laid out in such as way that all years and models are categorized in particular areas. This makes finding a used part easy. They buy wrecked automobiles and other salvaged machines at a steal and then sell to residential and commercial customers. Chances are, there is a junk dealer in your community that people can turn to for removal, storage, and purchase of equipment, cars, and machines. They may also provide clean up and waste collection, and store all types of parts for a variety of vehicle makes and models. Junk dealers can also be found online, where recent for sale offers are outlined. Visitors to such websites can browse ads for the merchandise they need, place a free ad, and get buyer requirements for used parts. Junk dealers can also benefit from such sites, as they can advertise the used parts they carry for scrap. Salvage yards have existed since the dawn of the automobile. But the business really started booming in the 1920s, and then became even more popular in the wake of the post-war auto industry boom. Owning an auto yard was a high-profit business, as more than 70 percent of automobile parts could be reused. Computerization in the 80s led to more specialization, where specific types of junk yards starting popping up, such as those strictly for motorcycles.

  3. james franklin says:

    Ther is some really great tips in this article, I found a few junk yards in nj that had parts for my mitsubishi, this is the only comprehensive list that ive been able to find for all of the junk yards, especially the ones near me because some of them don’t have websites. Just thought i would stop by and thank you because noone has parts for my car, every where that i called before wasnt able to find any parts for it.. I guess it’s kinda rare. Maybe you could add whree people are looking for parts, i dont know. thanks

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